Sees the Day Photography


Alice's 70th Birthday °o° VIP Style

We recently checked off "Disney VIP Tour" off our Disney Bucket List.

What an incredible experience! We had a plaid! I repeat, we had a plaid!

It was the BEST DAY EVER celebrating Alice's 70th Birthday!

Our first stop was Disney's Animal Kingdom. We were literally the first guests inside the park. We went on Kilimajaro Safari twice. Mario was able to capture so many sweet moments between Alice, Ed, and their Granddaughter Ellie. She was just the cutest little girl ever! She was so much fun to photograph and was always ready for the camera. We then proceeded to Expedition Everest. This was Alice's one special request. From this moment on, I knew Alice was just the coolest grandma ever!

Next, we arrived at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Went on Toy Story Mania twice, and captured some really fun action shots of Becky and her daughter Ellie.

Our next stop was Epcot. It was everyone’s first time on Frozen Ever After and it was a hit! We then walked over The Land Pavillion, and had lunch and went on Soarin'. This new version of the ride is just so breathtaking, it's one of my favorite things at Epcot.

Our last stop was Magic Kingdom. We had VIP seating for the parade on the balcony at the Main Street Train Station. Such great a view and many great parade moments we captured for the family during the Festival of Fantasy parade. After the parade, we headed over to Buzz Lightyear. We had so much fun capturing action shots of Alice and Ellie. It was the first time ever Mario wasn't a Galactic Hero. LOL. Our last ride of the day was Dumbo. Here, Mario was able to capture just the cutest most tender moments between grandma and granddaughter. A lot of my favorite photos are from this ride, and make me all teary eyed when I see them.

Alice and her family now have priceless photographs of their most Magical Day at Disney to treasure forever, and we were blessed to be able to capture them.