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The Meyers Twins

Dewey & Kai had a very fun morning over at Magic Kingdom on their last day of vacation.

We watched a bit of the Move it Shake it Parade and checked out The Emporium right after. The kids were acting silly with all the Mickey and Friends plushies and it made for a great capture. We also went on the ever classic and our favorite, Dumbo.

These 4 year old twins are just the cutest and we had such a fun time with them!

We truly love every moment we spend with our families. Kai & Dewey ran up to us after we said our "see you real soon" to give us a big hug! ❤️💙 When mom later messaged to tell us that the twins missed us so much after their session, our hearts were bursting! ❤️😭💙 This is the best and most rewarding job we've ever had.

Magic KingdomMario Rodriguez